Materials reimagined

 KONDO features a first of its kind hemp bio-composite shell 

Benefits of building with hemp


WHY We Use Hemp:

Industrial hemp requires no herbicides and few pesticides and grows to maturity at 4 months, whereas, lumber takes 20 years.

Lightweight, strong and sustainable, USA grown hemp is integral to KONDO’s innovative carbon neutral design and provides superior thermal performance and moisture permeability.

hemp kondo.jpg

Did you know: One of Henry Ford's cars was constructed from natural fibers including hemp?

When we think of cars, we think of steel. When we think of hemp we think of… weed. But while they come from the same species, Cannabis Sativa, their properties and modern day uses are entirely different. Originally cultivated around 10,000 years ago, it was soon realized that the flowering buds of the cannabis plant had psychoactive effects. Ancient cultivators thus began separating the flowering plant from the non-flowering one, which they prized for its strong fibers, using it for everything from textiles to building materials. Somewhere along the way, however, the distinction between the two was lost. Today in the US, the cultivation of industrial hemp is held to the same stringent federal laws as its psychoactive brethren, making it one of the most underutilized raw materials despite its eco-friendly nature and high strength to weight ratio.